Feminist glaciology thread

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This twitter thread attempts a defense of the “feminist glaciology” paper, followed by a discussion/debate. One of the main problems I have with this paper, along with many critiques of “feminist science” and “feminist mathematics”, is their claim that female researchers would pursue fundamentally different hypotheses or methods compared to male researchers. This undermines a major aspect in the project to increase participation and inclusion of women in the sciences: we are trying to counter the idea of gender differences with respect to scientific aptitude. There is no woman-science or man-science, there is just science.

“Nuclear War”

Soviet Visuals on Twitter


“"Nuclear War" Soviet poster, 1980”

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Pat Robertson: don't risk money just to do the right thing

This man is a complete moral vacuum. I struggle to understand how he has so many followers, all deeply conservative evangelicals who he has somehow convinced to support a radical islamic regime. Bonus: he compares this international crisis to the rape accusations against Kavanaugh... I suppose he would have us believe nothing unless it is decided by a jury of average dopes in an American courtroom?

Prominent evangelical leader on Khashoggi crisis: let’s not risk "$100 billion worth of arms sales"

Loss of predators is killing Pando

It’s the world’s largest organism, and one of the oldest, a global colony of aspen trees with a shared root network. Herbivores are eating it to death without counterbalance from predators. Since nearly all of Utah’s lands are used for cattle grazing, there is virtually no chance that the public will support reintroduction of wolves to restore the predator/prey balance.

The world's largest organism, known as 'the trembling giant', is collapsing


The largest organism on earth is a giant underground root system that sends up thousands of genetically identical clone aspen trees. But it's collapsing, according to researchers.

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No thanks pal

Hungary’s prime minister is trying to expunge gender studies from their universities. This is no doubt related to the Boghossian hoaxes. Here’s the thing: critics like Boghossian are, from their perspective, trying to improve gender studies, not kill it. The criticisms are aimed at very specific subsets of the field, and in no way undermine gender as a topic of study and research. And most of all, no university or research field needs intrusive meddling from a politician. Obviously they can’t improve their methods if they aren’t allowed to study.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban bans gender studies


In a move that has enraged universities, students in Hungary will no longer be able to undertake degrees in gender studies after the discipline was banned.

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And in the background, the clamorous silence of Europe...
Go Canada!

As pot becomes legal nationwide, Canada will pardon prior convictions of simple possession. (Open secret: pit has been all-but-legal in most of Canada for almost 20 years).

Canada to pardon citizens convicted on simple marijuana possession charges: report


The Canadian government is reportedly planning to grant pardons to Canadians with past minor marijuana possession charges.
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Just in case you didn't know:

Stay calm, and be excellent to each other!

How to do this?- Use welcoming and inclusive language. - Be respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences. - Gracefully accept constructive criticism. - Show empathy towards other community members. - Avoid sexualized or violent language and imagery, and don’t give unwelcome sexual attention or make advances. - Don’t troll, post insulting or derogatory comments, or attack other community members. - Don’t harass people, either in public or in private! - Give people the benefit of the doubt. You might be wrongly interpreting what they have said.

(copied from the "Be excellent to each other" link on your page <<<<)


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'Demand Sausages Everywhere' Poster


Celebrate the art of sausage! "Demand Sausages Everywhere" is a 1937 Soviet poster made by the People's Commissariat for Food Industries.   A statement in any room. Matte, museum-quality reprint of original Soviet poster. Printed on durable, archival paper. 
Also available framed here.

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So happy!

The first amendment under attack from left and right extremes

If they get their way, I expect both sides will be enraged by how speech restrictions can be exploited by the other side. Nobody prosecutes “hate speech” better than white religious conservatives.

Partisans United Against Free Speech


The culture of free speech has been deteriorating for long enough that politics, sadly and predictably, is catching up.

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BDS is petty: professors hope to alter world affairs by denying letters of recommendation to their students

Academic culture is supposed to be a model of cooperation that transcends political, cultural, national conflicts. I’ve worked on joint collaborations that included American, Iranian and Israeli researchers, all working together with common professional goals. It’s supposed to be a demonstration of what we can accomplish through positive engagement. But then something like BDS comes along and tries to derail the whole project, putting political conflict ahead of academic values. The results are petty, damaging, and ultimately ineffectual. These professors are trying to change the world by withholding letters of recommendation from students who want to study in Israel. This is simply an act of sabotage against young people who depend on them but don’t share their views. Just nauseating.

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Discipline for University of Michigan prof who wouldn’t write a letter for a student to study in Israel; but another UM teacher refuses to write a similar letter on anti-Israel grounds
Well cut off my legs and call me Shorty! (Is that ableist?) You may remember the fracas about John Cheney-Lippold, a University of Michigan (UM) cultural studies professor who refused to write a letter for a student, Abigail Ingber, who wanted to study in Tel Aviv for a semester. (See my four posts on it […]
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China’s brutal cultural genocide of the Uygurs

Today’s social activists in the US are highly focused on reparations for genocide and repression’s of the past. Let’s put a spotlight on what’s happening right now. Our government has some leverage with China, maybe they can do something about it.

Food, toothpaste targeted in anti-halal campaign against Uygur minority


Local Communist Party swears to fight a ‘decisive battle’ against ‘pan-halalisation’
China gives legal basis for ‘re-education camps’ in Xinjiang


Chinese officials had earlier denied existence of arbitrary detention centres and enforced political re-education
China gives legal basis for ‘re-education camps’ in Xinjiang


Chinese officials had earlier denied existence of arbitrary detention centres and enforced political re-education

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China legalises Uighur 'reeducation'


The move comes amid growing international concern over mass disappearances in western Xinjiang.
Israel detains a BDS supporter

The anti-Israel BDS movement (“boycot, divestment and sanctions”) is an immoral boycott, since it mainly pressures “soft targets” like scientific, academic, and cultural exchanges, and other civilian activities unrelated to Israeli legal policy. But I disagree with Israel’s stance that they have the right to totally control who enters their borders. I believe in the right to move as a basic human right, that includes the right to study and collaborate across borders. It is for precisely the same reason that I condemn BDS that I have to also condemn Israel’s response to it.

Israel is refusing entry to an American student because she once supported a boycott


Alqasem, whose father is of Palestinian heritage, was refused entry to the country on the basis of a law barring foreign nationals who publicly back or call for any kind of boycott against Israel.

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I can appreciate the irony of it being an American being denied crossing someone else's border for a change.
Hurricane Michael about to land in Florida

This is looking worse than Florence, and the panhandle has never had to take a direct hit like this.

Hurricane Michael: 'truly historic' category 4 storm on track to hit Florida


More than 500,000 people were ordered or advised to evacuate as the storm is set to make landfall in Florida mid-Wednesday

I've got a good friend in Fort Walton Beach, a little ways west of landfall. That beats the heck out of being a little ways east of landfall!
She tells me they only had gusts up to 16mph in FWB.
How will we recognize alien life?

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Proof of life: how would we recognise an alien if we saw one?
Proof of life: how would we recognise an alien if we saw one?


What would convince you that aliens existed? The question came up recently at a conference on astrobiology, held at Stanford University in California. Several ideas were tossed around – unusual gases in a planet’s atmosphere, strange heat gradients on its surface. But none felt persuasive. Finall...

By Samuel Levin

Read at Aeon

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Distorted research on video games and violence

“If your kids are playing these games, either these games are having a warping effect on right and wrong or they have a warped sense of right or wrong and that’s why they are attracted to these games.”  This extremely strong claim was not made by a politician or a moral crusader worried about children playing violent video games like Fortnite.  Instead it was said by Jay Hull, an author of a recent study from Dartmouth University. This study, and its accompanying press release, claimed to have found new evidence linking violent video games to youth aggression.  However, a reading of research paper itself, instead of the press release, suggests that the Dartmouth study is actually a better argument against the belief that violent games are dangerous.  It turns out that this is just another example of how social science is often oversold to a public without the statistical knowledge to evaluate problematic claims.


How the authors of the Dartmouth study chose to “sell” their research to the public is reflective of a larger issue for social science.  Psychology has been experiencing a replication crisis, wherein it is now known that many overhyped findings are, in fact, difficult to replicate.  Much of what we, as research psychologists, tell the public simply isn’t true.

The Overhyped Data on Video Games and Aggression


#psychology #VideoGames #ReplicationCrisis #FlawedResearch
Did the study authors write the press release or did the Dartmouth PR department write it?
The opening quote is from the study author. It’s possible he was misquoted by the PR staff (that’s happened to me).
Capitalism is fat and/or gay

Everything’s fine

These articles always make me hear Tracy Bonham in my head.

Plastic bottle washes up looking 'almost new' after nearly 50 years at sea


Coastguard expresses shock after decades-old piece of debris ends up on UK beach

#plastic #environment #apocalypse
It’s hard to keep your grip on reality with such sad, tiny hands. Sad!

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The paid D.C. protesters are now ready to REALLY protest because they haven’t gotten their checks - in other words, they weren’t paid! Screamers in Congress, and outside, were far too obvious - less professional than anticipated by those paying (or not paying) the bills!