Israel detains a BDS supporter

The anti-Israel BDS movement (“boycot, divestment and sanctions”) is an immoral boycott, since it mainly pressures “soft targets” like scientific, academic, and cultural exchanges, and other civilian activities unrelated to Israeli legal policy. But I disagree with Israel’s stance that they have the right to totally control who enters their borders. I believe in the right to move as a basic human right, that includes the right to study and collaborate across borders. It is for precisely the same reason that I condemn BDS that I have to also condemn Israel’s response to it.

Israel is refusing entry to an American student because she once supported a boycott


Alqasem, whose father is of Palestinian heritage, was refused entry to the country on the basis of a law barring foreign nationals who publicly back or call for any kind of boycott against Israel.

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I can appreciate the irony of it being an American being denied crossing someone else's border for a change.