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Hungary’s prime minister is trying to expunge gender studies from their universities. This is no doubt related to the Boghossian hoaxes. Here’s the thing: critics like Boghossian are, from their perspective, trying to improve gender studies, not kill it. The criticisms are aimed at very specific subsets of the field, and in no way undermine gender as a topic of study and research. And most of all, no university or research field needs intrusive meddling from a politician. Obviously they can’t improve their methods if they aren’t allowed to study.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban bans gender studies


In a move that has enraged universities, students in Hungary will no longer be able to undertake degrees in gender studies after the discipline was banned.

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And in the background, the clamorous silence of Europe...
Interview with the Boghossian hoax crew

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Writers Behind ‘Grievance Studies Scandal’ Address Criticisms - Quillette


Do you remember the article on dog rape culture by Helen Wilson that was published in a feminist geography journal earlier this year? What about the paper on challenging male homophobia through using anal sex toys? On October 2, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that the feminist academics behind these articles don’t actually exist. They’re pseudonyms adopted by three intellectuals in an elaborate hoax designed to expose alleged shoddy scholarship in activist disciplines they dub “grievance studies.” Mathematician James A. Lindsay, British writer Helen Pluckrose, and Portland State philosophy professor Peter Boghossian have become an overnight sensation. They’ve earned recognition from academics all around the world including high-profile figures like Jordan Peterson and Steven Pinker. But their detractors have also stepped out in full force. Lindsay, Pluckrose, and Boghossian have agreed to an exclusive interview with Quillette to address the issues raised by their critics. For the record, I know the three writers but had no prior knowledge of their year-long project before the story broke. The following text has been transcribed from an …

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All the peer reviews of the hoax papers

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Latest Sokal hoaxers make public all the referee reports they got
Here. (Thanks to Philippe Lemoine for the pointer.) Meanwhile, elsewhere in cyberspace, Justin Weinberg (South Carolina), the leading cyber-cheerleader for the New Infantilism, assures us that the paper accepted by Hypatia is, in fact, just fine. Whew, that's a relief....

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What is a "hoax" paper?

I've been trying to understand what it means for the Boghossian group's papers to be "hoaxes" or "pranks". People refer to them as "hoaxes" because they were written with ulterior motives, not because they contain any fabricated or fraudulent contents (maybe they do, but no one is mentioning it). I've published well over 50 peer reviewed articles. Supposing I pick one of them and declare, "I was insincere when I wrote this!" Does that make it a hoax? If I contact all the people who cited my work to tell them it's a hoax, their first response would be to ask, "what did you falsify?" If I didn't falsify anything, then it's not a hoax. It's a real paper regardless of any ulterior motives I may have.

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The "feminist Mein Kampf" paper

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I found a copy of the hoax paper accepted for publication in Affilia, which adapted a selection from Mein Kampf that was evidently well reviewed when framed in the preferred phrasing of deconstructionists. The paper is attached.

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