Flash floods spread across N.C.

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Florence’s heavy rains have sent water levels rising so high that they have submerged instruments used by the federal government to monitor river levels in North Carolina, causing at least two of them to stop working

'There is no access to Wilmington' as Florence flooding overwhelms North Carolina

At least 17 people have died in the wreckage of the hurricane-turned-tropical depression that dumped 30 inches of rain in parts of the state.

Bogue inlet pier falling apart

I think I know what happened to that hurricane livestream that cut out yesterday...


My family and I took a vacation on Oak Island earlier this summer. I've been trying to find photos of what the beach road looks like now. I'll be curious to see what is still intact.
I saw some photos from Sunset Beach that didn’t look quite as bad, some road damage but less flooding I think. Most of the surge was pushed to the north around Swansboro up to New Bern. My family gathers every year at Emerald Isle, at my sister’s house within walking distance of that pier. Nobody’s there right now but we’re all a bit nervous about what’s happening.