The Argento saga is weirder than I thought

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So much of social reality seems to be dissolving into illusions, deceptions and unstructured chaos.

Asia Argento's Time Is Up


A tale of fame, fallacy, and the perils of good intentions

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The Hidden Epidemic of Men Who Are Raped by Women


According to dominant stereotypes, men can't be sexually assaulted by women. But according to a new, wide-ranging study, around two-thirds of men who report sexual victimization say their assailant was female.

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when taking into account cases where men were "made to penetrate" someone else, the rates of nonconsensual sexual contact between men and women were basically equal: 1.267 million men said they had been victims of sexual violence, compared with 1.270 million women.
Given that the female population is larger, that could translate to a higher assault rate for men than women.
Here is the study referenced in the article.

This striking finding—that men and women reported similar rates of nonconsensual sex in a 12-month period—might have made for a newsworthy finding. Instead, the CDC’s public presentation of these data emphasized female sexual victimization, thereby (perhaps inadvertently) confirming gender stereotypes about victimization. For example, in the first headline of the fact sheet aiming to summarize the NISVS findings the CDC asserted, “Women are disproportionally affected by sexual violence.” Similarly, the fact sheet’s first bullet point stated, “1.3 million women were raped during the year preceding the survey.” Because of the prioritization of rape, the fact sheet failed to note that a similar number of men reported nonconsensual sex (they were “made to penetrate”).

The Sexual Victimization of Men in America: New Data Challenge Old Assumptions


We assessed 12-month prevalence and incidence data on sexual victimization in 5 federal surveys that the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted independently in 2010 ...