Venmo: probably the worst social media concept so far

Why Are We All Still Using Venmo?


Venmoing may be standard, but here’s why I’ve switched.

Venmo’s insistence on mimicking a social networking app isn't just weird—it can have unnerving consequences. In July, privacy advocate and designer Hang Do Thi Duc released Public by Default, a site that taps into Venmo’s API to highlight how much information can be gathered about you from your public activity on the app. She was able to trace the exact spending habits of a couple in California, documenting what stores they shopped at, when they took their dog to the vet, and when they made loan payments.

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Tyranny of the network

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people who have the highest scores are able to amass ever-higher scores, because their high status makes other people generous in their interpretations of their actions (bad things done by "good people" are excused and even lionized) and because high status people are afforded more opportunities to engage in profile-boosting activities, creating a rich-get-richer feedback loop.

Facebook will subject all of its users to "trustworthiness scores," similar to China's Citizen Scores


Every Facebook user will be assigned a “trustworthiness score” derived from a mix of user complaints and secret metrics derived from spying on user activity on the system (Twitter has a…

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If I was still using facebook, I'm sure they would decide I was a purveyor of untruth.