Dehumanization and ideology

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This Soviet poster, titled “Capital,” illustrates how revolutionary rhetoric, ostensibly aimed at reforming “the system,” is so often used to define classes of people, dehumanize them, and rationalize their violent extermination. It was so easy to sort undesirable people, be they rich or poor, into the despised capitalist class, and kill them.


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Vekhi anti-radical manifesto

Vekhi - Wikipedia
Vekhi (Russian: Вехи, IPA: [ˈvʲexʲɪ], lit. Landmarks) is a collection of seven essays published in Russia in 1909. It was distributed in five editions and elicited over two hundred published rejoinders in two years. The volume reappraising the Russian intelligentsia was a brainchild of the literary historian Mikhail Gershenzon, who edited ...

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