I’m confident that Russia will be the big winner in the upcoming election.

The Kremlin created a fake 'manspreading' video -- and conservative media in the US helped it go viral


Conservatives in the United States helped spread a fake video against “manspreading” that resulted in a misogynistic backlash against women. The video purportedly shows a feminist woman pouring a mix of water and bleach on the crotches of multiple men riding on a subway, who were “manspreading” by widening their legs into the area in front of adjacent seats. The website EU vs Disinfo reported on Monday that the video features paid actors. The report …

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You disagree with me? You must be a robot.

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Those who can’t engage create maladaptive ideas that excuse them from having to try.

How The 'NPC' Meme Tries To Dehumanize 'SJWs'
From time to time, and especially if you’re a fan of science fiction, you may have had the thought that nobody around you is actually real. That sentiment has taken root in anti-progressive parts of the internet as a dehumanizing meme, and it borrows some familiar gaming terminology. About a month ago, a meme along those lines took root on 4chan ...


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It’s one thing to claim that a person’s strongly-held views are informed by nothing at all, but entirely another to imply that they’re completely on auto-pilot. That is dehumanization, a way of reconceiving your enemies as objects, pawns, strawmen, tools. At best, dismissing large swaths of people you disagree with this way betrays a lack of empathy for people whose experiences differ from yours, and an unwillingness to consider that if a vast number of people happen to agree over something, it may be good to examine why; at best, it is a great utility for spreading bogus conspiracy theories.